Surveying Success published

Hilary Davies with her recently published book Surveying for SuccessSurveying Success: The Hume Family in Colonial Queensland

See History Queensland Issue 2 (Feb 2012) for a review of Surveying Success by Dr Geoff Ginn, School of History, Philosophy, Religion & Classics, University of Queensland @


Colonial Queensland was the stage on which the Hume family achieved success between 1863 and 1901. The scenes were set on the Darling Downs and in Brisbane.

Walter and Katie Hume coped with isolation from family and the deaths of five infants while working to establish their financial future, secured promotions for Walter and created a place for themselves among the colonial elite. They attained the ideal middle-class family life with Walter’s career success providing sufficient income to educate their children overseas, reside in elite homes, and engage in genteel and philanthropic pastimes.

This is an exceptional exposé of the social aspiration and elitism of an upwardly mobile family in colonial Queensland.

Review by Rod Fisher, Brisbane historian

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