Hume Family Photographic Collection redigitised

The University of Queensland Library has re-digitised the Hume Family images at a higher resolution and added them to espace.


Pile Light, Moreton Bay. Hume Photographic Collection, University of Queensland Library, image: hume097

Go to: then search using ‘Hume family’

These amazing images are part of the wonderful Hume Family Collection held by the Fryer Library. The Humes were great travellers and Walter Hume was a keen photographer from the 1870s until at least 1909. The collection contains more than 600 images of Queensland and British places, as well as photographs from India, North Africa and Argentina.  As a member of the Queensland Marine Defence Force Volunteers, Walter took part in naval exercises and photographed the ships and crew of Queensland’s navy in the 1890s.

If you want to know more about the Hume family and their life in Queensland between 1863 and 1901, see my book Surveying Success: The Hume Family in Colonial Queensland, which is available from the Brisbane History Group:

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