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Tell us your Backstory with Isabella Hargreaves


Tell us your Backstory with Isabella Hargreaves

For many years, I’ve been immersed in reading and writing Queensland history – stories of its people, places and events. Much of Queensland history is about heart-breaking struggle, striving against the environment, the economy and the social forces trying to build an English-style hierarchy.  Is it any surprise that as an antidote to those sometimes-harrowing true stories, my other reading love is romance, with its happily-ever-afters?

I find it impossible to resist the urge to combine those two loves —to give HEAs to those determined men who came to Australia to make, if not their fortune, then a new life; and to those women who hoped for a more independent life here or just to support the menfolk of their family.

Today is the release day for Lord Muck and Lady Alice, the first instalment in my ‘Stations of the Heart’ series—a…

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