Hilary Davies

Hilary Davies

Hilary Davies, BSc, BA, MA (Local History) PhD (Qld), MPHA(Q), M.ICOMOS

Born and raised in Brisbane, Hilary Davies is a first generation Australian who became interested in the history of her family’s adopted country. Hilary attended the University of Queensland where she gained Science and Arts degrees including a double major in history.

Hilary completed masters and doctoral theses in Queensland colonial history while working part-time in university administration and raising children. She received assistance in the form of a scholarship from the Australian Institute of Tertiary Education Administrators and through a University of Queensland Post-graduate Award.

Since 2006, Hilary has worked as a heritage officer involved in local and state heritage. Her book Surveying Success: The Hume Family in Colonial Queensland, which is both a family biography and social mobility study, is available through Boolarong Press and the Brisbane History Group.

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