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Gympie Heritage paper

Gympie Heritage paper.

Gympie Heritage paper

This paper by Hilary Davies on Gympie heritage is an overview of heritage places within the Gympie Regional Council area that are listed in the Queensland Heritage Register and the Queensland themes they represent.

It appears in the Queensland History Journal v. 22 no. 2, August 2013 edition, which features papers presented at a heritage seminar held on 25 August 2012 by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in conjunction with the Royal Historical Society of Queensland.

Available via: http://www.queenslandhistory.org/publications

Gympie Heritage article in Queensland History Journal

The August edition of Queensland History Journal will include my overview article about Gympie region’s places in the Queensland Heritage Register and how they illustrate Queensland historical/economic themes.

Link to Royal Historical Society website: http://www.queenslandhistory.org/publications

A Voyage through the Records: The Queensland Heritage Register and Migration Places


Talking about immigration-related places in the Queensland Heritage Register on 24 November 2012 at the Queensland Maritime Museum as part of The Voyage of a Million Questions program


Surveying Success wins NTQ Governor’s Award

Hilary Davies receiving a silver Governor’s Award for Surveying Success: The Hume Family in Colonial Queensland at the National Trust Queensland heritage awards from the Governor of Queensland on 30 August 2012

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